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Open Blockchain to send money for free and in real time

Airdrop in Q4 2022

Remittance Blockchain Based on #Cosmos. Claim your airdrop in Q4 2022. Join the Revolution!

L1 Blockchain - Testnet will be launched soon - Our mission is to disrupt the remittance industry.

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The MUN Airdrop will take place in Q4 2022 and will be distributed to our early adaptors. A total of 20 Million MUN will be distributed.

Follow 4 Simple steps to claim your FREE Airdrop:

- Prerequisite for the airdrop is to install the KEPLR Wallet
- Claim 10 test tokens, on the faucet
- Follow us on Twitter
- Join our Discord to get the airdrop role

The MUN Coin is the fee coin for the MUN Blockchain and the MUN Coin can be utilised to send money home, all around the world for free.

The utility lies in the interest based on the transfers globally. MUN can be earned through the generation of a node in the browser, for the proof of staking process. Practically like a banking branch that is opened, where money can flow through. Participate in an open source community with freedom of speech and no censorship.

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MUN Blockchain is an interconnected, disruptive chain that offers worldwide free payments across the globe.

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The MUN blockchain with asset-based M-USD and M-GOLD. A network of MUN brokers allow to cash-in and cash-out globally.

Information About MUN
  • Token Name MUN Coin
  • Total Number of MUN 100 Million
  • Total airdrops 20 Million
  • Foundation/DAO treasury 60 Million
  • DEX Liquidity wallet 10 Million
  • Ambassador Program 10 Million
MUN Broker Exchange fees
  • Exchange fees (First year) 0.5 %
  • Exchange fees (Second year) 1 %
  • Exchange fees (Third year) 1.5 %
  • Exchange fees (Fourth year) 2 %
  • Exchange fees (Fifth year) 2.5 %
  • Exchange fees (From sixth year) 3 %
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Find all the answers here!

The airdrops are planned for Q4 2022, depending on the market conditions.

This depends on which airdrop you claim, there are 4 airdrops. Mission airdrop, Stakedrop, Lockdrop and Terra-Rektdrop.

5 Simple Steps to claim your FREE Airdrop: Prerequisite for the airdrop is to install the KEPLR Wallet, Claim 100 test tokens, on the faucet, Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord in order to get the airdrop role.

You will be able to get some MUN for free in our airdrops. After that, you will be able to get MUN on our own MUNSWAP platform, which will launch in Q4 2022. If you need testnet MUN (TMUN) as a faucet please reach out to the devs in our Discord.

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We believe that this project has the potential to make a real difference in the world, and we are committed to doing everything we can to make it a success.


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